Sunday, April 17, 2011

My 1st Wooden Blocks

I've seen tons of these lately and LOVE them. So I decided to try my hand in it. But I have to admit, I'm not loving mine as much as other peoples :( I dont know WHAT I dont like about them...but they just dont look right to me :/ I'm open to any advice/ideas! And, yes, I realize they are cut crooked, I took what I could get LOL!! If you cant tell, Spring is on one side & Summer is on the other so I can just turn them around when it comes time. I used Cuttin Up cartridge.


  1. I love these. I think you did a GREAT job! :) I think I am going to make some of these. I have holiday countdown blocks, but these would be great for year round. I'm thinking to put Fall and Winter on them as well. Hmmmm...????? hehe

  2. Thanks!! I didnt do square blocks, I used a 2x4, but I think I'm going to do some more too...i was thinking SNOW(for jan), LOVE(for feb), LUCK(for st patricks day, FREEDOM(for july 4th), FALL, SPOOKY(for halloween), and BELIEVE(for christmas. They are really easy, I just dont think mine turned out as well as I pictured them in my head...I may add some embelishments.