Friday, July 9, 2010

Justins Scrapbook

Ok, so I've seen scrapbook layouts on everyones blog and I never even thought to put mine on here. So I decided I would. Then I realized what a pain it was to take a picture of something with a page protector on it!! So the pictures are awful...but at least I can say they're on here haha. I left some pages out, some were more personal then others. Oh and they may end up out of order since I will have to do several posts. Now keep in mind, this was all done BEFORE I got my cricut! So you wont see very much creativity...But enjoy :)

the green & purple page is just about how i found out i was pregnant, what i craved, a copy of the doctors pregnacy test result etc.. the 2nd is untrasound pics

baby shower invitation (i made) and pics from the shower

Justin's room & just random pics

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  1. wow wow wow! All of that WITHOUT ANY CRICUT!!! You did great! Your son is amazingly handsome! Your scrapbook is looking awesome! You better get back started before time gets away from you! Before you know it he will be grown :)